Clients/Projects: Artists

Campbell Communications has represented individual artists through a wide range of approaches, including one-on-one career promotion consultation; specific exhibition PR and marketing strategies, as well as collaborating with galleries and institutions presenting exhibitions of an artist’s work. Artists featured in the web site scroll in order of appearance are Marischa Slusarski, Arthur Tress, Jeff Bridges, Vito Acconci, Bonita Helmer, Gregory Wiley Edwards, Bob Crewe and Douglas Hill.

01 Marischa Slusarski
02  Octopus Bones --
03  Arthur Tress photographer
04  Tress image
05  Jeff Bridges _ CC_ Peter Frank
06  Bridges - Baker Boys_
07 Vito Acconci Portrait_
08 Vito Acconci Mobius Bench
09 Bonita Helmer
10 Helmer
11 Gregory Wiley Edwards__
12 Bob Crewe on right
12 Douglas Hill photo by Mark Harvey

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