The Woman’s Building

Directed public relations for “Animating the Archives: the Woman’s Building” a Metabolic Studio Special Project in Archiving: A weeks-long series of exhibition, performance and events that highlighted connections and points of departure between the feminist art of the 1970s and new work produced by contemporary Southern California women.

Fifteen artists received fellowships through Metabolic Studio to create works of art inspired by or responding to the history and legacy of the Woman’s Building. The visual, performance, media and social practice works created by the artists were on view at Avenue 50 Studio in Highland Park, CA.

Founded by artist Judy Chicago, graphic designer Sheila Levrant de Bretteville and art historian Arlene Raven in 1973, the Woman’s Building (located at 1727 N. Spring St. in downtown Los Angeles) provided a space and a symbol for education, exhibition, performance, community and political action for the feminist art movement in Los Angeles and around the world up until its closing in 1991.