Clients/Projects: The Davyd Whaley Foundation

Campbell Communications directed the public relations campaign for the launch of The Davyd Whaley Foundation. Established in 2016 with a mission dedicated to supporting under-recognized Los Angeles area artists, the Foundation joins a small group of philanthropic organizations that directly support individual artists. In the spirit of its namesake Davyd Whaley (1967-2014), the Foundation offers a variety of grants to assist these artists in the fulfillment of their vision.

“To honor Davyd’s generous spirit and to preserve his memory, I have established The Davyd Whaley Foundation to support artists in the Los Angeles community,” said Founder and Executive Director Norman Buckley. “Davyd’s goals were always evident: Make art. Buy the art of others. Help people whenever possible. Grow in consciousness. The mission of the Foundation was designed around these tenets.”

The Foundation will award its inaugural grants in early 2017 and plans to expand its grant program in the coming years. Awardees at the end of each year will be further recognized with a showcase exhibition and sale of their work at a local venue.

“The Foundation not only provides monetary support but also seeks to champion the values of the artist in whose honor it is named,” said Foundation Director Ellie Blankfort. “Davyd Whaley was deeply committed to the exploration of the human psyche in his work, as well as helping those he saw to be in need of his support and encouragement. It is his personal commitment that served as a model for our mission. ”

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Davyd at his studio...
56.1 -  Your Mental Illness is an Illusion 2_2014, 81.5 x46_photo by John Skalicky
57 Davyd Whaley working _Photo by Norman Buckley