Clients/Projects: Floating World

Scottsdale Public Art Program: Represented all media relations for the “Floating World” public artwork created by Los Angeles artist Sylvia Tidwell and landscape architect Calvin Abe for the $5.4 million Eldorado Park Aquatic and Fitness Center in Scottsdale, Arizona.

12 Floating World _Tidwell and Abe 1-R
11 Floating World _Tidwell and Abe 2 crop_
02 Floating World _Tidwell and Abe crop4
03 Public Art_ _crop
04 Public Art_setting tiles
05 Public Art_
06 Public Art_
07 Public Art
08 Public Art_
09 Public Art_
10 Public Art_
12 Floating World _Tidwell and Abe 3_ crop
13 Public Art_
14 Public Art_

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